A medical answering service is an around-the-clock receptionist for your healthcare practice. They are professional inbound call centers that are highly trained to manage a high volume of calls regularly and provide excellent customer service. Medical answering services will customize their solution to your practice’s needs and act as the first point of contact with every patient. 

1. 24/7 AnsweringMedical answering services are available 24/7, so even when patients call after hours, on the weekends, or in an emergency, you’ll be sure to be there to help.

2. Appointment setting 

Taking the time to schedule an appointment for each of your patients is time consuming. Leave this to outsource team to handle.

3. Appointment reminder

One common issue for medical practices is patients missing appointments or showing up late. This can be draining for practitioners, who plan their day around their appointments. 

4. Overflow call management

Most patients get frustrated when they receive a busy signal or voicemail greeting. Instead of hiring lots of receptionists for your office, you can save money by hiring a medical answering service to handle these overflow calls.

5. Call recording

Medical answering services use phone systems with call recording functionality, so you can later go back and review the content of your calls and can improve service quality.

6. Confidential and privacy

You never have to worry about the liability of your phone calls or risk your practice mismanaging patient confidentiality